Selling doesn't
have to suck

"I'm just not good at selling."
"I hate the sales part."
"I'm just not a salesperson."

Sound familiar? I get it.

You started your business to do incredible work for the clients you want.

But selling to new clients feels uncomfortable and salesy, especially when you've never had to do it before.

That's where I come in. I teach you how to sign the clients you want, comfortably and consistently.

The first step? Get the 3 Keys to Comfortable Selling, and learn the secrets you can use today to make selling easier, more comfortable, and more successful.

"AWESOME!! Wow, this is gold. Thank you!!!"

- Alison Friedman, Founder, Ping Pong Arts

  • Working with Leah has been a game-changer. We couldn't have done it without her deep understanding of the sales process, her help thinking through how to move opportunities forward, and her ability to mold the CRM so we can use it as the engine to grow our business.
    Kathryn Poindexter
    Founder, Campaign Greenhouse
  • "We were able to grow our corporate clients by 82%! I was blown away."
    Emi Kamemoto
    Director of Client Partnerships, BossedUp
  • Leah has helped me unlock the secret to growing my sales. I feel more confident about selling, more in control, and finally able to go out and grow my revenue.
    Paula Brantner
    President and Principal, PB Work Solutions
  • I’ve seen a huge difference in how potential clients respond to me. And the best part is that it feels totally natural.
    Lauren Lizardo
    Principal, Lauren Lizardo Consulting
  • We can't thank Leah enough and can't stress enough how valuable she is. If you're in business for yourself or thinking about it, let Leah be your secret weapon.
    Arlene Wanetick & Wilma Nachsin
    Founders, LifeWorking

I teach women entrepreneurs how to sign clients

I work with women consultants, coaches, and creatives to teach the secrets of confident, consultative selling.

The result? Master the sales process, get the clients you want, and get paid bigger numbers.

Even if you hate selling.


You CAN learn to sell

That old saying: "Sales is something you either have or you don't"? It's not true.

Listen. I’m a total introvert (Meyers-Briggs INTJ). When I started my first businesses I could barely talk to potential clients and frankly, I hated even trying. But I taught myself how to sell, I learned by running my businesses, and now I have a 92% win rate and I’ve sold over $1MM.

If I can do it, you can too.

You just need to learn how

But not like the sales you've experienced before. No gimmicks or tricks.

You want a selling style that feels authentic, not salesy. That lets you take clients from the first contact to a successful close. To do that, you need a proven selling framework, a critical mindset shift, and expert support. The result? Sign the clients you want, consistently and confidently.

Learn from someone who’s been where you are and can show you how.

I know how hard it can be

I used to struggle with selling too. But I learned through years of running my businesses, and I've developed a selling style that feels comfortable, builds great client relationships, and it works.

Now I teach other entrepreneurs in 10 weeks, the secrets it took me years to learn.


Get the 3 Keys to comfortable selling

Learn the 3 secrets you can use immediately to make selling easier, more comfortable, and more successful.

“Witty and insightful, and full of takeaways I could start using immediately!”

- Cathie Ericson, Freelance Writer & Communications Consultant