The ABCs of Selling

A hand-picked list of terms to help you sell like a boss

Talk Sales Like A Pro

While you’re “walking the walk” and bringing on new clients, it helps to be able to “talk the talk” too. 

But don’t worry - this is not Every. Sales. Term. Ever. It’s a hand-picked list of the terms that have helped me sell. And it’s just enough info to make you dangerous, and help you talk sales Like a Boss.

Inside You'll Learn:

45+ super useful terms and definitions to help you “talk sales” like a pro

The 6 types of people you'll meet in the sales process -- including the one you'll want to avoid

What TOFU means (Hint: it's not a soy-based meat substitute)

PLUS two reasons to have a glass of wine (as if you need a reason!)

"I'm so used to reading guides that are full of buzzwords, but this was both witty and insightful, and full of takeaways I can start using immediately!"

Cathie Ericson, Writer

About the Author: Leah Neaderthal, Growthworks Solutions

Leah Neaderthal

I help entrepreneurs and business owners learn the secrets of confident consultative selling, so they can grow their revenue, bring on amazing clients, and build incredible businesses.  

I didn't learn to sell by being a commissioned salesperson. I learned by building my own businesses. I taught myself everything I could about selling, and overcame the natural "selling shyness" most entrepreneurs have, to find the confidence to really go out and sell to new clients. The outcome is a comfortable selling approach that doesn't feel salesy -- and gets results.  

Now I share the secrets I learned along the way, helping entrepreneurs and business owners set up their sales operations, grow their client pipeline, and confidently guide prospects from first contact to a successful close.  

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