About Leah

Hi, I'm Leah. Apparently I like stripes.


About Me

To most business owners, selling your services to potential clients feels salesy and uncomfortable. I know, because that was me.

But I knew that to succeed I had to overcome my fear of selling. And that’s what led me to my mission of helping other badass business owners become as capable and confident at bringing in new clients, as they are in doing “the work” of their business.


Learning Through Hustle

I didn't learn how to sell by being a commissioned salesperson. I learned it from running my businesses.

When I started my first business in 2008, I had a crystal clear vision of where I wanted to go. I was determined and driven and confident as hell. But selling? Selling felt totally weird and salesy and “that’s so not me”.

Fast forward to my next business in 2011. No surprise: It still felt weird and gross and “I’m just not good at that.”

But guess what? As you’ve probably figured out in your own business, service-based businesses live or die on their ability to bring in new clients. And I wanted mine to live.

So I read everything I could get my hands on about selling. I tried everything I could, and I had some misses along the way. I overcame my imposter syndrome. I overcame the ick factor. I developed a selling style that felt natural. And I brought in money. And I help my clients do the same.

That’s why I’m here. I want to help other business owners learn to sell consistently, confidently, and in a way that feels natural and authentic. So your business can succeed, and you can soar.


Before All of This

Corporate refugee turned business owner.

I started my career at advertising agencies DDB and Leo Burnett. Eventually I decided I wanted to be the client, so I went to a mid-size tech company in Chicago, where I led Corporate and Event Marketing.

In 2008 I started my first business on the side and in 2011, I left the corporate world completely, and I haven’t looked back.


Building Three Businesses

I’ve created, built, and sold three ventures.

My first, The Chainlink, is a Chicago-based cycling organization that grew to over 10,000 members in three years.

Next I co-founded Lean Impact, where I helped nonprofits use Lean Startup principles to increase their impact and run their businesses more efficiently.

Then, as Co-Founder of Lesbians Who Tech, I created a global organization to foster more LGBT women in technology.

I helped each company flourish, and then, in a desire to try something new, sold each to my business partners at the time. Each of them was an important step in my journey to where I am today -- helping business owners increase their sales.



I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.



I live in Washington, D.C. I'm an avid cyclist and triathlete.

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