You don't have to go it alone


Get dedicated guidance to help you sign more clients,
increase your revenue, and grow your business.


You kick ass in the work you do.

You've proven that there's a need for what you do, you've worked with a number of clients, and you've done ok so far.

But you know you could do better. Charge more. Make more money.

And you could also do less. Spend less time on every sales opportunity. Less time on admin stuff.

You know you could be making more, but you're not sure how.

And the sales piece of it seems like a mystery. It feels uncomfortable. Maybe a salesy.

Sure, you can do it. I mean, you've gotten your business this far.

But how do you know you're doing it right?

And then there’s your time. Maybe you don’t even have time to focus on growing, because you’re spending too much time on stuff that you shouldn’t be.

And it’s even harder when you’re doing it all on your own. Juggling everything yourself. There’s no one to turn to and ask, “Am I doing this right?” or even, “How does this look?”

Let’s make this easier, shall we?

That’s where I come in. Over six months, we tackle all of it: your messaging, your sales process, your client base, your proposals, your technology… everything. I’m in your corner.

We'll also look at every single new client opportunity, and strategize on how to move them forward towards a successful close. You'll have me on your shoulder, guiding you through every sales process.

You’ll be able to:

MASTER the sales process

CHARGE what you’re worth

POSITION your business so clients want to work with you

MOVE every new client opportunity forward

LEARN strategies and approaches you can use for the life of your business

DISCOVER a selling approach that doesn’t feel salesy, and that works

SAVE time and energy on back-end work

FEEL as confident about selling as you are in your work


What you get

  • A personalized action plan outlining exactly what we’ll work on together
  • Weekly coaching sessions with me
  • Copy editing for proposals, emails, messaging and other materials
  • Strategy to close every opportunity you’re working on
  • Access to all my templates, cheatsheets, guides and virtual whiteboards
  • Email, text and phone access between sessions

If you’re interested in making this change for your business, click below to request a 30-minute Skype call.

Request a 30-minute Skype call to see if we're a good fit.

sativa turner

Working with Leah is like getting a shot of adrenaline for your business. She has this amazing ability to help you think bigger, take the necessary steps to bring your ideas to life, and grow your business. If you want the inspiration and tools to take your business to the next level, Leah is the one to call.

- Sativa Turner, DoubleDouble
arlene wilma

We can't thank Leah enough and can't stress enough how valuable she is. If you're in business for yourself or thinking about it, let her be your secret weapon. Leah is a savvy entrepreneur, sales maven, and tough-but-tender business coach who provided us with the necessary guidance and infrastructure to get us out of Post-it note hell....and gave us much more. She helped us stay organized and strategic, brainstormed with us, kept us on target, and challenged our thinking when we needed to consider different approaches. In additional to helping us with numerous business issues, we must also mention that we really like her. You will, too.

- Arlene Wanetick & Wilma Nachsin, LifeWorking
emilie aries

I was blown away by Leah’s ability to quickly streamline our client acquisition process. Despite our complex needs, she listened intensely and quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and pinpointed exactly where people were getting stuck in our checkout process. In one hour we completely re-designed the process to tighten up our sales funnel, reduce the potential for human error (and the need for manual management!), and were left with a system to increase our revenue per sale. I felt like I had a life-altering breakthrough in my therapist's office, but for my business! Leah is worth her weight in gold.

- Emilie Aries, BossedUp
kathryn poindexter

Working with Leah has been a game-changer. I've had CRM's before, but working with Leah I know that it's set up in the best possible way to support and empower our business, and ensure that we'll continue to use it - actually staying connected with people and closing deals. We couldn't have done it without her deep understanding of the sales process, her help thinking through how to move opportunities forward, and her ability to mold the CRM so we can use it as the engine to grow our business. In the early stages of a new business it can be hard to make the decision to invest in systems, but getting Leah's help is some of the best money we've spent so far and it was worth every penny.

- Kathryn Poindexter, Campaign Greenhouse

Request a 30-minute Skype call to see if we're a good fit


Working with Leah on the way I talk about myself and my business, my messaging went from “pretty good”, to absolutely compelling. She helped me crystallize what I do, and the value I provide, in a crisp, clear way.

I can tell a noticeable difference in my conversations with clients. The other day when I used the new messaging, it sparked a completely different and more productive conversation. Talking about my business value with Leah's messaging, the response was immediate: “We need to have LEADright do this. We don’t need to search for anyone else.”

- Dr. Tony Lamair Burks II, LEADright
cheryl susman

It’s already working! I tried your recommendation yesterday - not only did it work really well, but it completely sped up the process of getting a client to sign her contract! Thanks Leah!

- Cheryl Susman, Cheryl Susman Coaching
lisa lazarus

After talking to Leah for just a short time, I instantly understood why she’s so good at what she does. She's thoughtful, strategic, and committed to her clients, and she's dedicated to providing business owners with tools to approach their own clients in a smarter way. Leah has a knack for seeing through what feels muddy; she brings instant clarity. Leah's ability to weave together her creativity and business expertise is impressive. When we spoke, Leah identified new opportunities for generating revenue, and I put one of those into practice later that day!

- Lisa Lazarus, Lisa F. Lazarus Consulting

Leah has this exceptional ability to help you cut through self doubt, quiet the noise, and help you step into your awesomeness. She has a gift for understanding what’s holding you back, then not only empowering you, but mapping out ways to help you overcome your roadblocks. I consider myself lucky to have her in my corner.

- Courtney Wallace, Hyphen Digital
alison friedman

I have meetings on the schedule from three of the people I emailed last week and already had a good meeting with a fourth! So your plan is working!!

- Alison Friedman, Ping Pong Productions
maja galic

Leah really helped me look at the sales process in a whole new way and helped me turn contacts into clients. I am sure there are many out there just like me that keep doing the same thing over and over again without realizing how bad it is for business. Thank you Leah for everything!

- Maja Galic, Clearmint Creative
carrie rich

Leah's coaching elevated our fundraising to a whole new level. She brought a sales mindset to our fundraising, and helped me approach partners in a thoughtful, direct way that delivered strong results. She's a master at identifying gaps in processand solutions to fill those gaps. She asked the right questions at the right times and brought a level of strategy to our work that was much needed.

- Carrie Rich, The Global Good Fund

Leah helped me un-complicate the processes that have always seemed so complicated for me. But really my favorite part of working with Leah is her can-do attitude. Even though she sees the whole picture, she also breaks things down into bite sized pieces that are manageable and achievable.

- Jessica Ainlay, The Postnomadic Project

Request a 30-minute Skype call to see if we're a good fit