Ready to increase your revenue and make your life easier?

Does the back-end of your business eat up a lot of time with tedious work?

Are your contacts and sales opportunities in a spreadsheet or in your inbox?

Are you ready to save hours of time you're currently wasting on the most annoying parts of your business?

And are you ready to streamline your business operations?

Then you’re in the right place. 

The Design Your Business Infrastructure Workshop is a 90-minute online workshop where we’ll design your business infrastructure together.

You'll get a custom-designed infrastructure that will save you time, increase your revenue, and -- most importantly -- make your life easer. 

How It Works:

First we’ll start with a primer on business infrastructure, what it can do, and a framework for how to incorporate it into your business.  

Then we'll go through each step of your business -- what's working, what's not -- and identify where infrastructure and process can streamline your efforts. 

Afterwards, I'll provide a custom business infrastructure based on what we discussed, and a proposed timeline for how to implement it for maximum benefit to your business and your bottom line.

Let's make sense of your business operations and get you on the right track. 

Leah is an absolute master when it comes to making systems and processes work for a business. Her guidance was invaluable when I was setting up the back-end of my company. She helped me demystify and un-complicate the processes that have always seemed so complicated for me. But really my favorite part of working with Leah is her can-do attitude. Even though she sees the whole picture, she also breaks things down into bite sized pieces that are manageable and achievable.

Jessica Ainlay

The Postnomadic Project

Leah was great to work with! I was so thankful that she took the time to hear what my needs were as I feel that is a unique part of working closely with someone. Her attention to detail was extremely helpful in setting up my business platform. Thank you so much Leah for your help in getting the most important part of my business organized and efficient!

Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas Photography

Leah re-aligned our existing CRM, which wasn't doing much for us, to meet our business objectives. She put the building blocks in place to grow our revenue and brought much-needed structure to our operational processes. Now that I have visibility into our back-end operations, I am able to prioritize efficiently and feel on top of our work though we are busier than we have ever been. Thank you, Leah!

Carrie Rich

The Global Good Fund

When we started talking about my need to automate processes for my business, I was really just focused on automating contracts and deposit payments. Leah took the time to throughly understand my processes and procedures, and I felt that she had the right type of business process skills to help me build a lot more efficiencies into my business than just automating contracts and deposit payments.

Melissa Demple

MD Photographs

What You Get:


  •  90-minute live online workshop
  •  Custom business infrastructure with technology and process recommendations
  •  Timeline of how to implement each step for maximum benefit
  •  8-page guide: “How to Create Your Sales Process”
  •  30-minute infrastructure follow-up call


  •  Everything in the Standard Package, PLUS a 60-minute one-on-one Sales Coaching Call

On the call we'll dive into challenges you're facing, and ways to grow your sales and revenue. We can discuss whatever’s on your mind or find personal solutions to common questions I've tackled:

  •  How to move your new client opportunities to a successful close
  •  What to do about a "stuck" opportunity
  •  Improving your proposals to increase your success rate
  •  How to get more new client opportunities
  •  ... or anything you'd like!

What Happens After You Buy

You'll get an email confirming your reservation for the workshop, along with details about how the session works, video conference info, etc. You'll also receive a link to schedule your session.

Wait! What does infrastructure have to do with selling?

It has everything to do with selling! 

When your business infrastructure works well...

  •  You protect and prioritize your time by not wasting it on admin work, which is a total time suck and doesn’t result in revenue
  •  You reduce your stress because your business runs smoothly
  •  You get more from the business development you’re already doing or do the things you’ve wanted to do, but weren’t set up for
  •  You provide an awesome, buttoned-up experience for prospects and clients which results in client satisfaction, repeat work, and referrals

Your Coach: Leah Neaderthal

I help entrepreneurs and business owners learn the secrets of confident consultative selling, so they can grow their revenue, bring on amazing clients, and build incredible businesses.

I didn't learn to sell by being a commissioned salesperson. I learned by building my own businesses. I taught myself everything I could about selling, and overcame the natural "selling shyness" most entrepreneurs have, to find the confidence to really go out and sell to new clients. The outcome is a comfortable selling approach that doesn't feel salesy -- and gets results.

Now I share the secrets I learned along the way, helping entrepreneurs and business owners set up their sales operations, grow their client pipeline, and confidently guide prospects from first contact to a successful close.

Prior to starting Growthworks Solutions, I built, grew and sold three businesses. Most recently I co-founded Lesbians Who Tech, a global organization to foster more LGBT women in technology; and I co-founded Lean Impact, where I helped nonprofits use Lean Startup principles to increase their impact and run their businesses more efficiently. I started my first business, a cycling-focused website, in 2008.

When I'm not helping entrepreneurs and business owners sell like a boss, I'm riding my road bike, doing yoga, or playing with my adorable niece.

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